The product/page widget allows you to display product reviews on your product pages and also makes it easy for buyers to leave reviews for you.

To set up the product/page widget, make sure to have already set up the on-site widget code. Here is a guide for setting up the on-site widget code.

If you’re using our app on platforms such as Shopify, Wix, Weebly and Wordpress, the on-site widget code is automatically setup for you at install.

Follow the steps below to set up your Product Page Widget:

NOTE: If your platform is Wix, the code for the product widget is automatically installed on your shop. Skip to the Customizing your Product/Page Widget part of this guide.

If your platform is Shopify, refer to this guide on adding the piece of code to your theme file.

1- In your dashboard, click on Customize Widgets from the left menu panel, then once it's extended, click on Product/Page Widget button

3- Once you’re on Product/Page Widget customization page, copy the code snippet you see on the Settings tab.

4. Paste the code in the HTML of the page you want to display the product/page widget on. If you’re on Shopify, you should place this code in your product liquid file.

Your product page widget should now be showing something like in the image below, on your product pages.

Customizing your Product/Page Widget

You can customize your Product/Page Widget to suit your style and preference.


Show Widget On - Here, you can control whether you want the widget to display to your customers or not. You can also decide whether the widget should show on mobile devices or desktop or both.

Widget Size - This controls the size of the widget on the page you want it. You can change it to cover the whole page or a part of it.

Reviews Per Page - This is how many reviews you want to show per page.

Date Format - Pick your preferred date format from here.


Star Rating Color - Here you can customize or change the color of the rating stars depending on how you want it.

Button Background Color - Over here too, you can change the background color of the widget to suit the style you prefer.