The slider widget allows you to show your published reviews in a slider.

To set up the slider widget, make sure to have already set up the on-site widget code. Here is a guide for setting up the on-site widget code.

Setting up the Slider Widget

1. In your dashboard, click on Customize Widgets from the left menu panel then select Slider Widget.

2. Copy the code snippet you see on the Settings tab.

3. Paste this code in the HTML of the page you want to display the slider widget on.

Your slider widget should now show on your site.

Customizing the Slider Widget

3. Still on the slider widget customization page, on the left side is a preview of the changes you'll be making and on the right side, the options available for you to customize.


Widget Size - This controls the size of the widget on the page you want it. You can change it to cover the whole page or a part of it.

Date Format - Pick your preferred date format from here


Visibility - This controls whether the widget shows on your site or not.

Transition Speed - How fast should the reviews slide

Widget Color - The color of the widget.

Widget Text Color - The color of the text on the widget. This includes the color of the review text and the date.

Star Rating Color - The color of the rating stars.