To change the default url for your SEO minisite, there are two things to do; create a CNAME and update the CNAME In your SEO minisite settings in our dashboard.

How to create a CNAME

A CNAME is a type of DNS record that maps an alias name to a true or canonical domain name. How to create CNAMEs differ slightly depending on your domain name provider. You may contact your domain name provider to help create the CNAME for you.

The CNAME you choose should be pointed to your default SEO minisite url. For example, if you chose ‘’ as your CNAME, make sure it is pointed to your default SEO minisite url. Your default seSEOo minisite url can be found when you go to the SEO minisite feature ( and look at the card on the right with the instructions.

Updating the SEO minisite settings

From your dashboard, click Tools from the left menu panel and choose Mini SEO from the list of cards.

The advanced settings for seo minisite require that you provide a Google and Bing verification code. This is important to verify the CNAME created as yours and pass any seo benefits to your domain name. To get these codes, you will need to verify your site with Google and Bing. The codes look something like this:

Google - <meta name="google-site-verification" content="ydYgSgp-gn0_EzFxWZocIA8MApEKLZ7TMIgGSM5vlAc" />

Bing - <meta name="msvalidate.01" content="D819918C829838C1FC36E76D16A7E1F7" />

Here are helpful guides to help get the verification codes.

How to get Google HTML meta tag verification code

How to get Bing meta tag verification code

Upon updating your settings with the Google and Bing codes, remember to save your changes.