The on-site widget appears on all pages of your site (if turned on) displaying positive reviews that will help shore up trust for your business and lead to increase in sales.

To continue with this guide, make sure to have already setup the on-site widget code. Here is a guide for setting up the on-site widget code.

  1. In your dashboard, click on Customize Widgets from the left menu panel and click on Customize for the On-site Widget card.

2. You'll now see on the left side, a preview of the changes you're making and on the right side, the options available for you to customize.

Under this tab, we have

a. Widget Alignment - This controls the exact position of the widget. You have the following options: Top Middle, Bottom Middle, Right Middle, Left Middle, Bottom Right and Bottom Left.

Switch between the position boxes to re-position the widget on your site.

b. Show Widget On - This controls whether the widget should show on your desktop/mobile site or not. If turned off for example for Desktop, the widget will no more be visible for site visitors on desktop unless turned back on.

c. Reviews Per Page - This is how many reviews you want to show per page.

d. Date Format - Pick your preferred date format from here


a. Widget Color - The color of the on-site widget.

b. Widget Text Color - The color of the text on the on-site widget when it is open. This includes the color of the review text and the date.

c. Button Text Color - The color of the text on the button and the widget when it hasn't been opened yet. This includes the headline text when the widget is open.

d. Star Rating Color - The color of the rating stars.

3. Make your customization and click on the Save Settings button.