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How to connect your Amazon account to Kudobuzz

Amazon reviews are pulled into your account via individual products with reviews. So unlike Facebook and other social accounts where you connect your page and all reviews are pulled, for Amazon, you'll have to connect your product pages one by one.

To successfully connect your Amazon account. please follow the steps below

Note: You will have to be on a paid plan to use this feature.

1- On your dashboard, click on Collect Reviews from the left side menu options.

2- On the Collect Reviews page, click on Connect a Channel.

3. Select Amazon from the list of channels

4- You'll now see a field to add the Amazon product url.

Follow these steps to get the url to add

Go to your Amazon account. Click on your store name to open your store's page on Amazon.

Select the product with the reviews you want to pull

Copy the url in the address bar

5- Paste the url and click on Add Link to add the url.

After doing this, allow for up to 24 hours (may take less time) for your reviews to be pulled in.

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