To get the product widget displaying reviews on your product pages, you will need to place the product widget code in your theme files.

But first, make to sure to have already setup our main widget code on your store. Here is a guide for how to setup the main widget code for Blueprint Themes,

Follow these simple steps below to place your product widget code:

1-- Login to your Kudobuzz Reviews dashboard.

2-- In the Kudobuzz Reviews app dashboard, click on Customize Widget.

3-- Select the Product Widget from the list of widgets

4-- Copy the product widget code from the right side of the product widget customization page.

5-- In your Bigcommerce Admin area, go to Storefront and click on My Themes.

6-- When your current theme shows, click on Edit HTML / CSS.

7-- The template file editor will now display. Find ProductDetails.html file under the Other Template Files section

8-- Paste your copied product widget code at the appropriate place where you want the widget to be in the ProductDetails.html file.

9-- Save the file. The product widget should now be showing on your product pages.