If you're wondering why some of your reviews have the 'verified' tags and others don't, please read on! I will explain the tags we have at Kudobuzz and what range of reviewers they are for.

  1. The Verified Buyer Tag

This tag is automatically issued for reviewers who leave reviews through our After Purchase Mail feature (APM). We send out APMs to solicit reviews on your behalf when your customers have bought from your store, and so that means that their credibility can be validated, as we receive their details automatically from your ecommerce platform. Hence, for such range of reviewers, our system tags the reviews they leave as "Verified Buyer".

2. The Verified Reviewer Tag

This tag is issued for reviewers who leave reviews on your social platforms like Etsy, Google, Facebook, Yelp, Amazon, etc. Since we collect reviews from your social platforms and display them on your website, we presume that these reviewers who have reviewed your business or product have bought or had some form of interaction with your business.

Also, this tag is issued for all reviews that are uploaded into our app through a csv file import.

Please note that as these tags are system-generated, there isn't a way to add them manually.

Kindly contact our support team if you need further clarifications on this topic.

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