The SEO Minisite feature provides you a subdomain where all your published reviews live and is optimized to enable search engines easily index the reviews and pass SEO benefits to your site.

1- To setup the SEO Minisite feature, login to your dashboard.

2- From your dashboard, click on SEO from the left menu options.

3. On the SEO page, click on Mini Site

3- You'll now be presented with the Basic Settings tab. There are two fields to fill out here:

About Business - The description provided here will be used to fill out the About section of the subdomain which will be seen by visitors on the mini site.

Company Logo - Your company logo to be used on the mini site.

Click to Save Settings after making your changes.

4- On the Advanced Settings tab, there are three fields to fill out.

CNAME URL - This is the subdomain you want the seo minisite to be set to. Properly changing this will switch your default subdomain (which you can find on the Basic section as Name) to your preferred subdomain.

An example of a cname is:

You may contact your domain name provider to make the CNAME change.

SEO Meta Title - This is the piece of content that will be used as the meta title for the subdomain. This will be used by search engines.

SEO Meta Description - The description provided here will be used as the meta description of the page. This will be used by search engines.

Remember to Save Settings on your changes.

5- If everything was done well, you can now visit the url your provided in the CNAME field and see your published reviews.

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