The latest widget version is designed to be better performing and display smoothly on your site. If you're reading this and still using the old widget version, it's time to make the switch.

Follow the steps below to make the switch.

How to update your site with the new widget version

We've already taken much of the work off your hands and created an account on the new app version and moved your reviews to it.

What you need to do now is to remove the old widget code on your site and in its place add the new widget code.

1- Reset your password by visiting and provide the email address we reached you on.

Then, login to the new dashboard by visiting using the email address and your new password.

2- Once logged in, visit and click on click here to expose the new widget code

3- Copy the now revealed widget code and use it in place of the old widget code currently on your site

Since we have already copied your reviews on the old version to the new version, the reviews should start showing in the new widget version.

4- You're done.

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