Visual marketing is a great way to get more sales for your business. Photos and videos from customers make it easy for visitors to your site to get convinced to buy from you thereby increasing conversion rate.

Our After Purchase Mail (APM) feature allows reviewers to add media to their reviews and make the review compelling.

Follow the steps below to set this up.

How to turn on photo/video reviews collection

  1. In your Kudobuzz dashboard, click on Curate Reviews from the left menu panel.

2. Select After Purchase Mail from the list of options.

3. Once on the After Purchase Mails page, scroll down and turn on Photo Reviews and Video Reviews tabs.

Note: You can turn on the ability to collect photo reviews if you're on the Breakfast plan and the video when on the Dinner plan.

Once this is turned on, when reviewers leave reviews for your business, they can add media to it.

How reviewers will add the photos/videos

1. Your customers will get a review request email after purchasing from your store.

2. After submitting the review, the customer will be shown a page where they can upload up to five photos or videos not more than 1MB each.

Customers can simply drag-and-drop photos/videos when using a desktop or can select photos/videos from the computer file.

3. When the customers click the publish button, the uploaded media will get added to the review.

How to display photos/videos on your site

1. To show your photo or video reviews on your site, go to Manage Reviews under Moderation in your dashboard.

2. Publish the review you want to display. Once published, all photos/videos will get shown alongside the text review.

A published photo review will look like this in the onsite widget.

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