Adding comments to reviews allows you to respond to your customers in order to address their concerns in cases where the reviews are negative or to appreciate their feedback.

Comments on a published review allow you to provide some context or background to the review and make it easy for visitors to understand the full picture and make quick decisions.

To leave a comment on a review, follow the steps below:

  1. On your dashboard, look for the 'Comment' button under the review you want to respond to and click on it. Doing this will open a box to type in.

2. Type in your comment and click 'Post Comment'. The customer who left the review will be notified of your response via email. Should the customer decide to respond to your comment, this will go directly to your email.

3. Having left the comment on the review, if you want to publish the comment and make it visible in your widgets alongside the review, click on the publish button for the comment.

4. Your published comment will now show alongside the review like in the image below. Note: If a review is not published,it’s associated comments will not show.


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