The inventory rule helps you make additions to your product feed, especially if your store's platform doesn’t allow you to add certain fields to your product feed file, but those details or fields are required by your comparison shopping site. For instance, Shopify doesn’t allow you to add Gender or Age group fields to your inventory, but for store owners who sell apparel, Gender and Age group is a mandatory field when listing your products on Google Shopping. With Inventory rules, you are able to add the Gender and Age group fields to your product data as well as several other fields you might want to add.  Follow the steps below to set it up.

  1. On your dashboard, click on tools and click on inventory rules

2. You can put in a title for the rule, for example, gender rule (it's optional and won't impact your rules in any way). Then edit it to suit your preference. An example will be If>> (attribute) sales price >> (equality operator) greater than >> (text input) 0, THEN update GENDER to become FEMALE. 

This rule means that the app should update all your gender attribute (since they all have prices) to be Female. This is only when you sell products for Females. You can create a rule to meet your specific need. (use the AND/ OR button to further breakdown or add more conditions to your rule.

Turn the visibility on to overwrite what you have in your store and replace with this new information

3. Scroll up and hit the save button to save your work

4. Go back to the dashboard and click on the ‘update all feeds’ button to let your rules reflect in your feeds.

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