1. In your Bingads account : bingads.com, Click on tools, then click on Microsoft Merchant Centre

2. Click on Bing webmaster tools to log in to your BWT to verify your website or sign up if you don’t have an account

3. In the ‘my sites’ tab, add your website’s url

4. Click on ‘add’ then fill the form provided and click ‘Add’

5. Proceed to verify your account. You can do this by using any of the methods provided. prefer to go with option 2; Copy and paste a <meta> tag in your default webpage

Copy the code provided, log in to your website, go to your theme page and click on ‘edit code’

6. Go to your theme.liquid and paste the code right under your <head> then hit the ‘save’ button.

7. Come back to Bing and click on Verify

You’ve successfully verified your website. 

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