Creating Custom Labels were originally for Google channels, but now, they have become widely accepted across several shopping channels. It helps you group certain products that are on sale or promotion, for instance, into one column you can create special ad campaigns for.

  1. On your dashboard, click tools, then proceed to click on custom labels

2. In the default field, enter the name you want to give to your labels. Eg,Winter sales

3. Next to the IF button, select the attribute you want the rule to apply to e.g. if (Title >>contains>>Winter)…

4. To make it more complex, let’s add “And” (Sales Price >>Is greater than>>50...

 5. Then assign all products that meet the above condition with the label “Winter Sales”. This means that all products in your store that have titles that include ‘winter’ and are over $50 should have a tag called Winter Sales. This helps you to create special ad campaigns on Google ads for your winter sales collections.

6. Click create rule to add more rules if you want, then turn the button on to overwrite the existing custom labels in your feed (if applicable). Scroll up and click on ‘save’ to save your work.

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