Kudobuzz SEO Autopilot picks the optimal text string from your product information and tailors it to fit the SEO Meta title and Description.

This happens when you select the option of Let Kudobuzz SEO decide the Autopilot will pick the settings it feels are optimal.

However, in some cases we also give the choice to have control over the automation process.

In that case we have a feature called "Template Tags"  gives you control on the fixes done.

So in that you can choose to the syntax of the fixes, e.g if you set template tag to:
#title# #color# #price# | Free Shipping

What autopilot will do now is follow the new rules that you have set, So it will pick data from your product info.
So the output would be something like this

Product name | Red | 29.99 | Free Shipping

 To get a better grasp and a live example, Kindly watch

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