Kudobuzz provides an after purchase mail feature which you can set-up to send mails automatically to your customers after they have made purchases from your store.

From your dashboard, click on Collect Reviews


Select After Purchase Mail from the left side panel.

The Basic Settings allow you to set when your after purchase mails go out.

To begin, check the After Purchase Mail box to turn this feature on.

You can then select the number of days after which the mails should be sent. You can choose between 1 and 30 days.

You also have the option to choose either After Purchase or After Fulfillment.

When set to After Purchase, the day count begins right after the purchase is made.

In the case of After Fulfillment, the day count begins only after you have set your order status to fulfilled in Shopify. Note that if you do not do this, the mails would not be triggered.



Reaching out to your customer via email is a good opportunity to upsell products to them. You are allowed to select two products to upsell to your customers. Begin typing out the product name to get a list of your products to choose from.


You may also want to be reviewed in other areas apart from an overview of the product. (Eg. Product Quality, Delivery Time)

Setup custom questions to get this done.


Edit your Email Subject. You can make use of any of the available variables.

Edit the body of the email. You can make use of any of the available variables. If you are using email upselling feature, it is mandatory to have the variable, ######{{promoted_products}}.

NOTE : Currently, for email clients like MS Outlook and Apple Mail, forms cannot be submitted via email. You may want to consider following this guide to set up your after purchase mail if a good number of your clients use these mail clients.


Edit the Thank you note your customer is shown after leaving a review.

It is recommended that you send a test email to yourself after the set up is complete.

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