Kudobuzz makes it easy to switch from another reviews app by importing all the reviews you previously had into Kudobuzz. This is to make sure you do not start all over but continue from where you left off.


Before you continue with how to import reviews into Kudobuzz, make sure to have exported your reviews from your former reviews app into a file (csv format). If you do not know how to export reviews from your old app, contact their support team and they will get the reviews exported for you or show you how to export it yourself.

Now that you have your reviews exported into a csv file, let’s begin the process of importing them into Kudobuzz.


Make sure the columns in the file match the columns below depending on the type of reviews you’re importing.

If you’re importing PRODUCT REVIEWS, the csv file should have the following columns:

Reviewer’s name, Reviewer’s email**, Rating, Product id***, Date of Review, Review Message, Review Title *, Published *, Verified *

For SITE/BUSINESS REVIEWS, the csv file should have the following columns:

Reviewer’s name, Reviewer’s email**, Rating, Date of Review, Review Message, Review Title *, Published *, Verified *

( * ) indicates optional columns

( ** ) Reviewer's email - Important! Use unique emails for each reviewer. Not adhering to this will bring undesired results - the same name for each reviewer.

( *** ) Product Id - This Id is a bit confusing for some Shopify clients. Note that this is neither the SKU nor the product handle. The screenshot below shows the Id you need to use.

Quick Tip: To save you time and effort, download the sample files from here https://app.kudobuzz.com/tools/import-reviews and check the columns against your exported csv file.


1. In your Kudobuzz dashboard, click on Tools from the top menu and then click Import Reviews from the left section.

2. Click on Choose upload type. You will see two options to select from, product reviews and business reviews.

Choose product reviews if you are on Shopify or Bigcommerce and the reviews you are importing are product reviews.

For all other cases, choose business reviews.

3. Click on Upload CSV File and select the CSV file from your computer.

4. After uploading your CSV file, a table will appear with drop down table headings. Click on each drop down and choose the heading that suits the data in that column.

For example, if the data in the first column of your table represents review title, select "Review title" option of the drop down.

5. Click on Import Reviews when done to import the reviews and finish the import process.

If you did everything right, you should see no errors. Move on to the next step.

If you’re still on the import reviews page with error messages, it means you made some mistakes, which is ok. Check the error message(s) to see what you did wrong and correct it. Click to import reviews again after correcting the errors.

Take note of these common mistakes:

-- Not matching the correct table heading to what it represents in the column

-- Not putting the data in the right format

-- Leaving cells empty


If you imported Product Reviews, you’ll find them here https://app.kudobuzz.com/manage-reviews/product-reviews

If you imported Business Reviews, you’ll find them here https://app.kudobuzz.com/manage-reviews/website-reviews

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