Kudobuzz allows you to collect and publish several types of reviews : social, custom, website.

Social Reviews - Reviews collected from connected social accounts

Custom Reviews - Other external reviews you add to Kudobuzz

Website Reviews - Reviews collected via your widgets.

This guide shows you how to publish social reviews. It can however apply to publishing other types of reviews.

You should connect a social account before you can publish social reviews. If you have not connected one yet, follow the guide to connect each social account(s) (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, Google+).

1. Click on the “Manage Reviews” tab.

2. From the left panel, select “Social Review”

3. Choose the social account from which you want to publish reviews. For the purpose of this tutorial, we would select Facebook and select the Reviews option.

4. Select the check box of each review you want to publish.

5. Click on the green gear and select publish.

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