This guide shows you how to connect your Facebook Page in order to share reviews received from Facebook and also post reviews from other platforms to Facebook.

1. From your dashboard, click on "Connect Social Account"

2. Select Facebook from the drop-down menu.

3. Connecting to Facebook is in two stages. First, you connect Kudobuzz to your personal account and then to your Facebook Business Page. This is a Facebook security requirement. Kudobuzz will not post to your personal account. You only need to give this permission to allow Kudobuzz to view your list of Facebook pages. Now, give permission to Kudobuzz to connect to your personal Facebook account by clicking “Okay”.

4. This step gives permission to Kudobuzz to post publicly to Facebook. This is required in order to use the AUTO POST feature. The AUTO POST feature, when activated, automatically posts your approved reviews to your Facebook Business Page. Click "Okay" to agree.

5. This is where you actually connect Kudobuzz to your Facebook Business Page. Click “Okay” to give permission to Kudobuzz to pull all Facebook Business Pages you manage.

6. Select the Page you want to connect to Kudobuzz and click “Add Page”

Bravo! You have connected your Facebook page to Kudobuzz.

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