1. Click on this link:

Add Kudobuzz to my Storenvy Store

2. Login with your Storenvy details.

3. Click Authorize App to connect Kudobuzz to your account

4. Install the Kudobuzz App

The following steps will help you set up a page to display your Kudobuzz reviews.

5. From you store admin panel, click on Storefront

6. Click on HTML PAGES

7. Click on the ADD A CUSTOM PAGE button

8. Set the page name as Testimonials or any other name of your choice. Afterwards, click on the </> symbol. This is where you will add the Kudobuzz code.

9. Copy the following code and paste it into the editor. Click Create Page when completed.


10. Go back to HTML PAGES and click on Layout.

11. Click on Use Custom HTML

12. Save the changes.

13. Congratulations, you have set up Kudobuzz on your Storenvy store. Visit your dashboard to explore more of Kudobuzz.

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