JSON LD is simply a piece of code that tells you what price belongs to what product, or what zip code belongs to what company or what email belongs to what store.

In much complex terms, instead of adding schema.org attributes to the many individual elements on your store, you get the simpler chance of providing a small block of JavaScript code that contains all of this information.

Aside from helping crawl bots understand your store better, this JSON LD is a structured data type that enables you to provide the relevant information for your store in an easy-to-read format to be displayed in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) when a user enters a search keyword relevant to your business.

The information used by SEO Doctor to generate your JSON LD schema is displayed below:

Save your Business Update settings and proceed to the Install JSONLD section. Upon clicking the 'Install' button you will receive a display like this below:

After a few seconds, your JSONLD will be installed on your store and this is the right step in ensuring that your store is visible to both crawl bots and potential customers in search engine result pages.

Do keep in mind that you can always re-install your JSONLD by clicking on the re-install button as shown below whenever you make any changes to your Business settings.

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