Large size images are often the main cause for slow loading websites. You can improve the loading speed of your site by reducing the size of large images.

In SEO Doctor we look for product images with size above 50KB and we recommend them to you for compression. Our smart compression algorithm is able to compress your images without reducing it's quality.

  • Only compress images with the Compress button
  • Images with Perfect Size buttons are not to be compressed.They have the recommended sizes and do not need any more compression.
  • After an image as been compressed, it's status will become Revert to original this is an in-built SEO Doctor feature that allows you to revert back to the original image before the compression. After 5 days of the compression, this option will not be available.
  • In some cases your image size will stay the same after compression, this means our compression engine, noticed that the quality of the image might be affected so it did not compress it. This is totally fine as it is okay to have some images not compressed.
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