Custom feeds are used to create feeds for shopping channels or marketplaces not listed on the app. In order to do this, you first need to make sure that the custom channel’s feed sample is compatible with ours (csv, txt files).

1. Click on CUSTOM FEED on the left side of your home page

2. The file name should be EXPORT

3. Channel name should be the name of the channel you’re creating the feed for, e.g. google

4. File format should be either txt or csv. Choose the one compatible to the format your channel wants

5. Most channels use feed upload instead of ftp, so ignore this step, but if your channel uses FTP (File Transfer Protocol), then submit the FTP URL here

6. Click on CREATE

7. Click SELECT TEMPLATES if you’re creating a custom feed for Google or Bing (we have feed templates for only Bing and Google).

8. You can go through the list and map those that may have missed mapping, or ignore them as well (if it isn't a recommended attribute for the channel you're listing on), then click SAVE AND CONTINUE

9. If you have a feed template of the channel you’re listing on, you could also upload it so the headers will be listed for you. This is to make it easier for you to map them to Kudobuzz MultiChannel’s headers.

But, if your channel doesn’t have a feed template but has only listed the headers for you. These are the steps to map your headers to RT’s: On the channel attributes column, type in the attribute headers just like you see them on the list you have, then type select the headers in Kudobuzz MultiChannel that match the headers of the channel.

You could also use the CUSTOM HEADER option to type the header in (if you want a different value other than what is in your store (see GIF below)

or use the RULE button to add a rule to the feed (see GIF below)

Click SAVE AND CONTINUE to continue the process

On the category page, click on SELECT OPTION, then click on CHANNEL CATEGORY (if you want to use the categories of any of our listed channels). If not, then in the SELECT OPTION button, click on STATIC VALUE, then type in the category that best suits your product type. Do same till the last category, then click CONTINUE

Click on CREATE A FEED WITH ALL PRODUCTS to create the feed, or click on PUBLISH SOME FEED to include or exclude some items in the feed (if you are having difficulties with how to publish some products, see our help guide on that topic), then click on DONE

You're all set and ready to go!

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