You can create a product feed to be submitted to the shopping channels listed on Kudobuzz MultiChannel. Follow these steps to create your first feed.

1. On the dashboard/home, click on the orange CREATE FEED button, then choose the channel you want to advertise your products on, and click continue.

2. Click on SELECT CATEGORY to categorize your products according to your channel’s standard categories. (This page is usually on store category but you can switch to product category button next to the store category, to categorize specific products, instead of a general store category for your products). After categorizing all your products, click on CONTINUE

3. On this page, you can either PUBLISH ALL PRODUCTS or PUBLISH SPECIFIC PRODUCTS. If you want to publish all your products on your selected channel, click on CONTINUE. But if you want to send some specific products to your selected channel, click on PUBLISH SPECIFIC PRODUCTS.

This GIF shows you how to publish all your products

This GIF shows you how to publish Specific Products

-On the PUBLISH SPECIFIC PRODUCTS page, click on the box withe the upward and downward facing arrows, then select what attribute you want to include or exclude from the feed. For example, if you want to send only items that are in stock in your store, the rules for publishing will be; (attribute) quantity, (equality operator) >, (text input) type in ‘0’. That means that you want the app to only include products that have a quantity of more than 0.

4. Click on DONE

And that's it! Your feed is ready to be uploaded to your selected shopping channel. You can find your newly created feed on your Homepage.

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