1. On the HOME PAGE, click on PRODUCT RULES
  2. Click on the TITLE OPTIMIZATION button

3. Select the channel you want to optimize

4. Click on ADD A TITLE RULE

5. You can give your rule a title (optional)

6. Make the rule IF (attribute: Sales Price) (equality operator: greater than) (type in 0) to include all your products (assuming you want to optimize all your product titles) Or use the rule to specify which products you want this optimization to affect

7. Drag the attributes you want to include in the titles into the box given. E.g, you want to include the size and brand in your titles

8. You can also use the INPUT TEXT button to customize it, if you don’t want to use any of the attributes. Then click YES to overwrite existing title (the title you have in your store). Click on SAVE AND SET LIVE

9. Go back to your dashboard to click on update feed to reflect changes

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